The following terms are delivered through's website and its systems, which are herein referred to as "".

1. Sales of Website/Domain names

All website/domain names listed on are owned by their respective owners, its principals, and may be assumed "for sale." When you enter payment through any of's authorized payment providers you will be making payment for the website/domain name only and for the exclusive rights to use and enjoy that name in the future. No images, hosting, logos, or any other rights will be transferred with the domain.

You will be required to register your domain with the registrar of your choosing in order to use and enjoy the domain. You will be required to pay yearly renewal fees to the registrar. Registration fees vary by registrar, and it will be your responsibility as the new owner of the domain to keep its registration current.

2. Returns and Refunds Policy does not offer any returns or refunds policy due to the nature of digital assets being sold at its website platform. Please ascertain all aspects and confirm that you agree with them, before making any purchase. You are sole responsible for all sales, No money refund in any kind is possible.

3. Verification of Sales

Prior to the completion of a sale through, all websites/domains are subject to a final verification to ensure that that the domain listed is indeed for sale by the current registrant and that there are no previous issues in selling the domain. While all orders are typically approved and transferred immediately upon receipt of payment, a sales receipt does not render the transaction complete. In the event that circumstances arise affecting's ability to completely deliver a domain to the purchaser, all charges will be appropriately refunded.

Upon successful transfer of a domain to its purchaser will the sale be deemed final.

4. Legal Rights is not responsible in determining whether the domain name(s) listed for sale infringe upon the legal rights of others. It is the customer's sole responsibility to research whether the purchase and use of a domain will infringe upon the legal rights of other entities and individuals, including but not limited to trademark infringement.

5. Use of your Data

Please note that the information you submit to in order to purchase a website/domain name for our records purpose only. Once you recieve the transfer details upon successful payment, you can keep whatever Whois data you want.

6. Responsibility

By purchasing a domain from, you agree that it is your sole responsibility to determine whether the purchase and use of your domain infringes or violates someone else's rights and you agree that will not be held responsible for any legal actions arising from the purchase and use of domain names from

7. Abuse of the System

Should any users be found in abuse of the website, its programs, processes, or systems, retains the right to deny service, including access to the website.

8. Force Majeure

The seller shall not be liable for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

9. Assignment

You shall not give, bargain, sell, assign, sub-let, or otherwise dispose of this Agreement; or the benefit or advantage of this Agreement; or of any part thereof without express prior consent, in writing, from the Seller.


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